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but as a husband and of the leader of an organization such as ours." they say there are more questions than answers right now. >> we do not know with home when it, or is this was the only reason he ended up resigning. >> his white house long been admired in military circles. she is famous for it waiting in the cold and rain, well past midnight, to greet every soldier returning home. an outspoken advocate taking on a new increase of role when her husband took over for the cia. president obama put her in charge of the council of military families to help with finances. >> president obama today praising the general for making the world safer. the number two in the cia will
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take over for now, but washington insiders are already buzzing about who will permanently replace petraeus as they are under intense scrutiny over their handling of libya. abc-7 news. >> general petraeus is 60 years old, born in new york, married for 37 years and has two children. he served for 37 years before taking the director and we will have much more on the resignation coming up on at 6:00. >> a maryland state police troopers in the hospital after being struck by a car during a police chase. we were over the scene in college part after the alleged a car thief hit the trooper. stephen tschida is live. is the suspect in custody? >> yes. the maryland state trooper tried to spot the suspect but he is
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to -- but he struck the trooper. is suspect in a stolen car hit a trooper working overtime at a traffic signal mary construction site. it started with a police chase after a license plate reader picked up the car around noon. >> all of a sudden there was this red flash and the card as moves to the side. >> they rushed to treat the injured trooper but other regencies followed up the suspect raced on into montgomery county. >> there was a police chase with a honda. there was a major police chase. >> opposite of follow as he took off. the suspect heading off into the silver spring neighborhood and they hovered overhead. residents were hovering down. >> i heard a lot of helicopters. it sounded like there was a search going on.
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>> the suspect eventually bailed and ran. they got him here in front of the house. the drama taking place suddenly got personal. the family dog had bolted into the midst of the fray. >> he indicated that our dog may have been shot. that was upsetting to hear. >> tonight, she is still riled up as are some residents of this neighborhood. >> i'm glad they caught her. this is a very upscale, peaceful neighborhood. what the suspect is in custody but no word tonight on what charges he may face. as for the injured trooper he remains hospitalized but is expected to make it. reporting live stephen tschida. >> in culpeper bus driver crashed into a ditch to this morning in the 70-year-old bus
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driver died. we are in culpeper tonight with the story. jeff. >> this afternoon, i spoke briefly with the wife of the bus driver who worked here at eastern be a high school in culpeper. she says this figure. it would have been married 50 years. he was a wonderful husband and a man. she is still in shock. friday morning it started like any other until just before 7. >> i was fixing a cup of coffee and i heard a boom. >> he yelled to his son jason to: 11. -- to call 911. >> this was the scene captured on his cell phone. the students on board all got out of the back of the bus safely and unharmed, but the driver remained behind the wheel. >> he was sitting there
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unresponsive. >> they pulled him from the bus into the ambulance. >> that's when a guy jumped up and said he had gone into cardiac arrest. >> he later died at the hospital. but my father knew him as a friend and for what wonderful man he was. the students loved him. >> he suffered from some type of health-related issue while driving but still managed to steer the boss to my slow stop. >> even though he was apparently in his final hour with his health deteriorated in, he did everything he could to protect the children. >> they hope others will always remember. >> my heart goes out to his family, you know? it's a sad thing that happens. >> his wife did say that he did suffer from a heart condition. meanwhile, the culpeper county school superintendent putting out a statement today that he was well loved by students here
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and will be greatly missed. live in culpeper, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> it actually looking like it's going to be a perfect november weekend. >> let's get right to it. what's the word? >> clear skies today and temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. 53 right here in arlington. the sun went down seven minutes ago and will not be much longer we will be able to share these sunset pictures. 56 right now in urbana. no wind reported in herndon. 54 reagan national. frederick s. moore has one of the warmest readings in the area. clear and cool dropping into the 40's with light wind. 36-44 by a morning and after the weekend, sunshine. we will look ahead to the next
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seven days coming up in just a few. >> now we turn to the developing story where police are looking for a group of men who triedrob two men just blocks away from the white house. the victims turned and went after the robbers and that is when shots were fired. jennifer donelan allied with house se that getting involved. >> what a morning. it was just the beginning of the morning rush-hour commuting and there was a robbery gunfire and it all ended here of the white house. >> i'm a little bit more than shaken. >> he and his son were robbed by a gunman and ended with the victims chasing after the suspect in their car through downtown. one of the suspect fleeing out of the getaway car and started shooting at the victims. >> the police department does not suggest that victims follow the suspects.
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>> i felt something behind my back like metal. >> he said he wanted to get away. but i pushed him out. he grabbed my arm. he twisted it. >> i got into the vehicle with her and we called 911. >> they'd put guns to their chest and robbed them. they drive a silver lincoln with d.c. tags. ironically, they ended up right behind his car. he said his employee had also jumped in a portion was right behind the suspect. -- jumped in a porsche. >> the victims in the porsche called off their pursuit and told secret service agents what happened. >> they need to face the
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consequences. >> it's clear why police consent of the suspects to be armed and dangerous. if you see thisjennifer donelan abc 7 news. >> a d.c. man who terrorized women in a series of growth. tax pled guilty to four counts advocacy groups believe 15 women may have fallen victim. he would grow them and write off. >> one person is recovering after a d.c. house fire in northeast washington. they say the fire started as a kitchen fire on the first floor and then spread to a bedroom of the second floor. one woman was rescued and evaluated on the scene. >> we have seen controversy before, but they say they hope they do not see it again this year in loudoun county. the display will include a
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christmas tree, santa, and nativity scene, and a menorah. you may remember last year when a skeleton santoa was on display. they will be putting a county- approved decorations and will hopefully eliminate people from putting up more controversial displays. >> president obama says he is open to compromise but he will not expect -- approved an approach that is not balanced. >> i will deficit while people like me making over $250,000, are not asked to pay one dime and more. >> president obama says congress should pass a bill to prevent the best tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest americans. we will have more details on the fiscal plan showdown coming up
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tonight at 6:00. >> coming up, d.c. school officials will be announcing some school closures. how long some parents have to wait to find out. >> a substitute teacher being bullied by students. what happened next and how they were disciplined. >> eat your dinner, clean your dishes, go home and rest. >> is that really what people want to do on thanksgiving? responding to the new plans for black thursday. >> one small
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>> new york and new jersey are not the only pleases cleaning up from sandy. one small town in maryland as cleaning up after floodwaters ran through the streets and homes. >> this video is from crisfield maryland's. two weeks later ran the town is still picking up the pieces. brad bell shows us how. >> crisfield a long been called the crab capital of the world. if you have had to as a paid be -chesapeake- based seafood there's a chance it came from
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here. they took a direct hit from hurricane sandy. >> we have never seen devastation like this before. "she was home when the flood waters overwhelmed the entire town. the water reached her window. >> i lost everything i had first floor. >> you can see just how bad the flooding was. all through talcum the sidewalks are littered with the saudi belongings of these residents and in the heart of tel just ruined by s&p. in the midst of all this destruction, an amazing thing happened. word spread the town needed help and volunteers from all across the country have flocekd to -- flocked to crisfield 200 workers are expected to show up tomorrow. this began with a viral e-mail
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saying, "if you have ever had a crab cake, help crisfield." cooks i spoke to one man in oregon who is willing to fly here and help us clean up. >> evelyn so she will be forever grateful to strangers. >> thank the lord that all these wonderful volunteers have helped the community. >> it is likely to linger for months. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> it's great to see the goodness of people coming together. we have something that will help lift the spirits of everyone. >> a sunny and mild weekend. >> let's get started with a look at our camera in aldie virginia.
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not much in the way of cloud cover. some thin clouds up, but that's it. when we get as high as the forecast for these mostly sunny days, this is why we can confidently stand here and say we will have a mostly sunny weekend. 55 in winchester. 52 in the district. wind is starting to lay down some in bowie. these are the last remnants of the nor'easter. mid 60's in national. that weather is moving here. 70 in st. louis. that will be here on sunday. here is another way to visualize the big effect of this wave of high pressure up had. -- up ahead. we will stay under the influence for a few more days.
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we will look as far as the service map goes on the futurecast. we could have some of these high, thin cloud we showed you on the time lapse tomorrow. mostly sunny again on sunday. slowly the high system will move offshore. on monday, the day we observe veterans day, it will become rather breezy. increasing cloudiness ahead of a cold front will swing in tuesday. cloudy skies and a good chance of rain with cooler temperatures. all things considered, it looks great. 63, a bit cooler north and west of town. looking ahead to sunday, for 60's near 70. in the 70's in virginia. just a beautiful day. as we work our way towards
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monday baseda slight drop in temperatures. upper 60's epoxy on veterans day and on monday, temperatures in the upper 60's with increasing clouds. schaller is likely in fox -- showers are likely on tuesday. mid to upper 50's it is kind of the beverage. we do not expect are strangling nice sunny days. this weekend get outside and enjoy it. >> we will. that sounds great. >> a sure sign of the holiday season if you do venture outside this weekend. the officially kicked off the red bell driver from the salvation army. they hope to raise $1.5 million in the d.c. area.
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>> tonight, and workplace confidential. extreme bosses and commutes. plus, employees who lose it at work. >> why did not connect like children? >> it's a powerful social situation and we react as if we are pseudo-siblings. >> oh, no. where a is: by abc7 news at 11. hopefully that never happens here. >> there are days have felt like doing it. [laughter] >> that's right. you better be careful. more to detect just a baby on in the way. >> the medical danger hiding in a diet soda. >> have your
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>> can you believe 46 days until christmas? i bet you did not know that. >> we are counting all ready? clackum people are starting to think about holiday deals and -- >> some people are starting to think about holiday deals and black friday. >> wait until the day after thanksgiving. some are opting for big deals on
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a thanksgiving itself. >> do people really want to see this so-called black thursday? >> it's really happening. it was about this time last year i was standing in front of the same shopping center in alexandria talking about midnight deals on thursday night and now it's earlier and earlier. this time, some local places are fighting back. black friday as known for early morning campouts and stampede to get to the front door. this year, they're starting even earlier. wal-mart sears, and k mart will begin black friday sales on thursday, 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. >> i tried to avoid all shopping on thanksgiving weekend. >> after a holiday family time is what they are banking on.
5:25 pm
the national retail federation expects holiday shopping to jump more than 4% this year so early bird special will be more competitive. one local city is giving some traditional sales some competition. free parking, free trolley rides, and the discounts. >> they are more aware that it's important for our economy growing the economy, and to put your money back in your local community. for every dollar you spend in alexandria, it almost entirely stays here. >> a lot will be willing to stay at home and deal with for the -- and deal with the cyber monday deals. the big box national stores could be open already at 8:00.
5:26 pm
some stores will try to rival that and open even earlier. back to you. live from alexandria, natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> just go ahead and get your shopping over with. an air bag problem has prompted the recall of the grand cherokee and liberty model years 2002-2004. the national highway transportation and safety administration have found they can go off without warning. 215 incidents have been reported. chrysler says they will fix the problem at no charge. "still ahead, it turns out bullying is not just between students. in this video, students cnet bullying a teacher. >> what is being done for the thousands still without power after sandy? >> the future of some d.c.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5 with leon harris, allison starling, chief meteorologist doug hill, and tim brant sports. this is abc 7 news at 5 on your side. >> parents and teachers are waiting for the ax to fall on some d.c. public schools. >> next week, the chancellor will announce schools that will be closing in the near future. suzanne kennedy as outside headquarters but the details. >> the details on this plan will be released on tuesday. parents and teachers began getting concerned about this issue when list began circulating with schools that could potentially close. they say the list is an accurate. it does not even know where it came from. still, schools that will be closed in the district will be announced next week.
5:31 pm
vicki nelson is extremely concerned about the future of the children's neighborhood d.c. elementary school. >> it would be a big loss to the community. >> they have boys in the third and fourth grade in northeast d.c. elementary school. >> this is a community school and all children should be able to attend their community school nurses being bussed or having transportation issues. this is where i choose to have my child. >> this was one of the schools shut down in the district last year in the final academic year. back in 2008, they had 23 public school closings. several council members have been briefed on the plan which will remain under wraps until tuesday. typically, the under-enrolled in schools are in wards 4, 5, 7 and 8. >> where will they go from here?
5:32 pm
i'm not saying that the schools are bad, but i want them to stay here. >> 10:00 tuesday as when the list will be made public. after that, there will be two public hearings. finally, the list will be released. live in northeast washington, suzanne kennedy abc 7 news. >> it's time now to look at the day's top stories. an investigation under way after a driver hit the maryland state trooper in college park. it happened on baltimore avenue. the trooper was not seriously hurt but was taken to the hospital. >> culpeper county sheriff's office has identified the school bus officer who died following a morning crash. 70-year-old jerry heddings saturday medical injury and then crashed into a ditch.
5:33 pm
the students on board were unhurt. >> david petraeus of the resigned as director of the cia after admitting he had an extramarital affair. according to his letter of resignation petraeus says he "short extremely poor judgment." the president to accept his resignation letter. >> 11 days after sandy and some people are still in the cold and the dark. now, the mayor of new york has issued a mandate to help. t.j. winnck has more. >> some are still living without power. >> this is our katrina. i expect the people of this state to be treated with the same level of compassion that the citizens were treated in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> it has added discomfort for this long island resident fighting a tough battle against
5:34 pm
cancer. for 11 days, this has been the only place she can keep warm. >> i'm disgusted. >> her power should be back on by the middle of next week, they say. until then, her husband is doing his best to fight off the chill. >> of long as i can keep her warm, happy. >> . gas to power their generators and drivers the fuel for their cars. 10 days after the killer storm mayor michael bloomberg is finally taking action instituting an odd-even gas rationing system. >> they should have done this from day one. >> gasoline will be available with license plate numbers ending in an odd number or a letter beginning today. plate numbers ending in an even number or zero can get gas starting on saturday. for the most part, it seems to
5:35 pm
have the intended effect of cutting down on aligns. >> it went a lot faster. you've got to do what you've got to do, right? >> the rationing and shortages are expected to last at least a few more weeks. t.j. winick, new york. >> tonight, the statue of liberty will light up new york harbor once more. the statue itself is ok, but the museum and the dock were severely injured. they had been reopened for only one day after a yearlong renovation. the lights will come on at dusk. >> school is back in session and so is the drive to stay alive program. we were in fairfax today to talk to the rams about the importance of staying alert behind the wheel and making good decisions all the time to cut down on distractions like extra people in the car and note texting behind the wheel. it was the first one this year
5:36 pm
and we will be doing many more. >> time now to check on the traffic situation. chris anderson has the details. "some 95, a very heavy traffic heading south down from the beltway and that will continue eventually all the way into fredericksburg. that is a solidly without much break. delays from the beltway and into manassas. the toll road is a good option. westbound from the belt way towards the dulles airport. maryland beltway and in virginia the inner and outer loop slow. the 270 spur also slowing from 373 montgomery village and continuing up through into frederick county. lanes open on maryland 95. the leas northbound towards 198 and continuing past 32 towards the howard county interchange. an outbound accident on the
5:37 pm
roseville bridge. back to you. >> have a good weekend. >> coming up, a veterans day approaching, we take you on a ride to see how d.c. is helping the homeless veterans find a place to live. >> and get this. students bullying a teacher. >> the latest
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>> as close to vincible enate teacher in baltimore. >> it was all caught on tape. we have the details including what happened to the students. >> of baltimore school officials have said the video was shot in baltimore and at least one student has been disciplined. one baltimore student tuesday sell boehner to show this video of other students picking on a substitute teacher. you can see a female student's clicking her face repeatedly.
5:41 pm
it happened in this high-school two weeks ago. the stteacher is trying to block things flying at her face. >> my initial response is shock. >> the head of the teachers' union in baltimore has seen the video and says it happens more often than you think. but there is no stability. they have no respect for adults in the classroom who are trying to deliver a lesson. this is the battle we fight. what the teacher chose not to file a police report. a school administrator handled it instead. >> i think it happens every day. but we ask teachers to file a complaint with us, fill out the forms, so we can keep our own records. we believe that happens every day in some schools. >> a baltimore school officials
5:42 pm
say they reprimanded at least one of the students in that video but they would not tell us specifically what kind of discipline and handed out. in the newsroom, greta kreuz abc 7 news. >> the cancer that can be detected with a pregnancy test? >> diet sodas can be
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>> you may think you're being health-conscious by using diet sodas. >> those calorie-free soda can cause kidney problems. 7 is on your side with the details. >> some people hate it. others love it. and some can really go a day without it. >> diet pepsi. >> the the bubbly beverage with 0 calories really do a body good? >> it is a whole group of
5:46 pm
chemicals put together by a chemist and we drink it. >> many doctors tried to steer people away from artificially sweetened diet drink. >> there has been a study of over 3000 women and there was an increase in kidney abnormalities. >> other studies indicate reproductive issues, messed up metabolisms, and obesity. >> we usually see this in rat studies but it has not been proven in humans. with all of these suggestions of what these chemicals are doing to our bodies, water is your best liquid. >> the biggest problem with diet soda? the artificial sweetener makes you crave more food. one more potential problem? cocktail's made with a diet cola can worsen a hangover because they cause your body to observe the alcohol much faster. pamela brown abc 7 news.
5:47 pm
"the aaa foundation for traffic safety finds one in seven 16-24- year-olds fell asleep. about 17% of deadly crashes involve drowsy drivers be. >> pregnancy tests could be used to predict testicular cancer in some manner. the same hormones produced in pregnancy is also present in some forms of testicular cancer. a pregnancy test is not 100% accurate, it can be a reason to go to your doctor. >> it was a heart warming homecoming for this texas soldier. >> he devised a plan to surprise
5:48 pm
his wife, a fifth grade teacher in anna, texas. 600 students gathered for what they thought was an awards ceremony. [applause] >> scott was supposed to be home on saturday or sunday which would have worked out perfectly. i cannot believe it when i saw him. >> whenever expectations i had of coming home and surprising rebecca is outweighed by the first moment i got to see them. >> there is when she realizes what is going on. they were reunited just in time for veterans day, sunday. >> they will have a good holiday. and for them. let's see what's coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6. >> gordon peterson is live with
5:49 pm
a buck a head. quite a bit of a shocker. we bring you the latest developments in the surprising announcement that david petraeus will step down as head of the cia. will the president and congress be able to come up with a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff? we hear from the president in the house speaker today and their ideas. maureen and i will see about 6. >> be sure to check their ied's. -- their i.d's. >> how many more friday night's will have weekends this good in the forecast. clear skies, i have them. because have pushed off to the north and west. if you high, but it will mark real have any effect. in silver spring, 51. 48 in mclean. the high-pressure directly
5:50 pm
overhead and it suppresses when its overhead. clear skies, win the coming in, and maximize and below tonight. -- the wind coming in. down to 40 in the city and probably down to 36 in many suburban areas. men's 60's with sunshine tomorrow. upper 60's on veterans day sunday. endy observe the veterans day looks terrific. the chance of rain moving in with a stronger cold front end system on tuesday. and a return to the cool, pleasant weather. check out what's happening on always a good way to keep up with the weather. one thing you will find, bob ryan just posted a blot on concentrating on sandy with the before and after pictures. it's mind-boggling. take a look at it on >> thanks, doug.
5:51 pm
sports. what's going on? >> going on and on about d.c. united. for mitchell it changed course. he had a career-ending injury and he has a lot up-and-coming. hopefully he will compete going to the heavyweight championships. >> he does by the nickname mayhem but his life outside the ring is anything but. >> i do it to support my family. i have a college degree in criminal justice but i love to complete. -- i love to compete. >> his wife is a lawyer. he is a boxer -- by accident. >> i thought i was going to be about 6 foot 5 inches so that i switched over to football. >> after starting in prince
5:52 pm
george's county he played a linebacker at michigan state and had hopes of playing in the nfl. after his knee injury, he decided to give boxing iran. >> a football player trying to become a boxer? they don't work out. if any position in football could become a boxer, i believe it's a linebacker. >> the day i decided to box, i believe i could become very successful. i believe in myself. >> mitchell quickly rose through the ranks and he has never lost in 26 professional fights. at the age of 30, mayhem is considered abong the best heavyweights in the world. this saturday, the undisputed heavyweight champion in the world. >> the only thing it would not compare to the the birth of my first child, my daughter. that was such a surreal moment. it remains to be seen.
5:53 pm
i'm definitely working hard toward that goal. >> every female when he said "the birth of his daughter," just went aww. >> i had it in stereo. >> thank you. >> coming up next -- >> d.c. housing authority has a
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
>> sunday is veterans day but today will fairfax school found a way to honor service members. the history channel teamed up to have host a veteran day. the visited the different customs and shared their stories. >> they went home with the idea of euros. what a fantastic idea. quite the district is trying to find a warm place for homeless veterans to find a home.
5:57 pm
>> sam ford went along. they bring in a military veterans who have fallen on hard times. >> and thanks to a federal grant, they provide them with housing vouchers. >> hopefully we will help you change your life forever. >> they loaded them up for housing tour in downtown d.c. to se where they walked them three units that are available. they have lived with friends neighbors, and on the streets. even with a voucher, she had been refused housing. >> i have no good credit. >> the owner is here to cut red tape. >> as a landlord in the district of columbia, it's our obligation to reach out to the veteran community. >> some veterans still hesitate. they know d.c. well and the atmosphere is at least as important as those inside.
5:58 pm
>> their holding me by my jacket with a gun to the back of my head. it happened to me here in the streets of the d.c. >> when he learned they had security he felt better. they're helping 750 veterans and their families thanks to this federally-funded program. sam ford abc 7 news. >> for a list of veterans day events and road closures visit that will do it for abc7 news at 5. borgen and maureen joins us now for abc 7 news at 6. -- gordon and more rain join us now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. a bombshell that the cia. the top man, general david
5:59 pm
petraeus, stepping down in the wake of a personal scandal. president obama has accepted the resignation and the search begins now for his replacement. >> he admitted to having an extramarital affair. he has been married to his wife, holly, for more than 37 years. richard reeve has reacted to this shocking revelation of. >> maureen, we are getting word in more. they are reporting revelations was discovered in the course of an fbi investigation. it's unclear why the feds were investigating. a lot of people we spoke with say they are simply stunned by the resignation and the reason behind it. cia director, army commander in iraq and afghanistan, had a distinguished career. in a move that

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